Key Themes

Leaders in today’s business world are dealing with the implications of exponential transformation.

At the Gamechangers Summit they’ll encounter innovators at the bleeding edge of the changes that technology is bringing to business and society.

They’ll also have the opportunity to meet and share ideas with likeminded people around the following topics:

The Innovation Race: How to create a culture that supports sustainable and purposeful innovation
Creating collaborative frameworks to enable agility across hierarchies
The birth of the subscription economy and what it means for business
Exploring the new trend of the on-demand, gig economy and what this means for the workplace
How will our day-to-day experiences be augmented by emerging technologies?
How will our day-to-day experiences be augmented by emerging technologies?
AI’s next leap forward - How will we collaborate with each other and intelligent systems in the future?
The potential applications of data are constantly changing and evolving. How can you make them work for you?
Cloud - How are businesses adapting to the ever-changing definition of the cloud and using it to their advantage?
What are the greatest challenges in designing for the new wave of connected devices?
What are the best practices in human-centred design?
How Nanotechnology will force the reassessment of global markets, economies and industries on a massive scale
How Transhumanism could change the human race
Blockchain: A game-changer or short-lived hype?
The Transformational Nature of VR and Augmented Reality
Bots – Future of Chat with a Dash of AI
Which professions will need a fundamental change of training?
How do you keep regulation up to date when incorporating technological innovations?
IoT - How do you protect against threats when every device in your company is connected?