Advisory Board

The inaugural Gamechangers Summit program was guided by an expert Advisory Board. These individuals are dedicated to developing, sharing and promoting thought-leadership to drive awareness around the challenges and opportunities presented by the emerging technologies.

  • Christopher Bartlett
    General Manager, Seed

    I am a digital consultant, leader and strategist. I am highly skilled in software development, system architecture, user experience (UX), product development, project management and client relations.

    At SEED we work to develop design driven digital products by taking a user centric approach within the full range of services we offer.

    Prior to co-founding SEED I worked as a full stack web developer, user experience designer, accounts manager and digital consultant. As a result I have the rare ability to manage multiple disciplinary projects and navigate complex situations offering excellent and innovative outcomes.

    My extensive experience as a social worker and case manager in Sydney and Melbourne prior to hitting the tech scene, has given me a unique outlook and approach to my work and running a business.

  • Chris Bennett
    General Manager, Dolby Australia, and Vice President R&D, Dolby Laboratories

    30 years of technology commercialization in data networking, communications, semiconductors, signal processing and consumer electronics sectors in senior management, executive roles and investor roles. Experienced entrepreneur with a proven record of team building, fund raising, and successful project execution.

    Specialties: Venture Capital, Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Licensing, Consumer Electronics, ICT, Data Networking, Natural Language QA Systems.

  • Michael Billimoria
    Chief Technology Officer, CSC Consulting

    Michael is an industry thought leader who has a proven track record of successfully delivering programmes that have realised tangible business benefits in complex environments. He has a strong people and business process focus which has allowed him to influence and then lead change in highly political environments across large numbers of cross-functional teams.

    Michael’s relentless focus on next-generation technology services and how they will affect organisations, people and the world at large allow him to successfully advise clients on how to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing world.

    With significant experience in working to deliver business transformation to Tier 1 organisations, Michael is recognised for his ability to lead and motivate teams through change through the use of strong presentation, facilitation skills, and an ability to quickly understand team dynamics.

    Michael has an adaptive style which is focused on business outcomes and enjoys the challenge of working in rapidly changing business environments.

  • Melissa Casey
    Director of Psychology & Innovation, Monash Health

    Dr Melissa Casey is Director of Psychology & Innovation at Monash Health, transforming the delivery of critical Mental Health care. Melissa previously worked in large systems design and change in the Australian Taxation Office and as a management consultant before moving into healthcare. Melissa has recently applied her passion for designing systems that unleash the nascent potential in people - delivering transformations in a “change resistant” industry.

  • Ric Clarke
    Director - Emerging Data and Methods, Australian Bureau of Statistics

    I lead a multidisciplinary capability development team in the delivery of innovative prototype solutions for official statistics. This work includes the investigation of new methods and technologies for representing, integrating and analysing complex digital information from diverse sources - such as survey and administrative collections, transactional data, and sensor measurements. Areas of current focus include the Semantic Web and linked data, machine reasoning and learning for information discovery, content extraction from unstructured data, and the visualisation of multidimensional data.

  • Eugene Dubossarsky
    Director and Principle Trainer, Presciient

    Dr Eugene Dubossarsky is a leader in the analytics field in Australia, with 20 years’ commercial data science experience. He is the head of the Sydney Data Science group (2,000+ members), the Sydney Users of R Forum (1,500+ members), and Datapreneurs (400+ members). He is regularly invited to be a conference presenter, consultant and advisor, and appears in print and on television to discuss data science and analytics. Eugene also applies data science in an entrepreneurial setting, to financial trading and online startups, and is the creator of ggraptR, an interactive visualisation package in R.

  • Alana Fisher-Chejoski
    Practice Director - Digital Transformation, Wipro Digital

    I work in digital transformation, building customer acquisition and engagement eco-systems by developing new or optimising existing digital, mobile and social media platforms.

    I have 15+ years of marketing exp focused on digital and content strategy, working at the bleeding edge of my field across business and consumer segments; and have developed a unique combination of technical, creative and management skills from leading digital projects in AU and global high-profile companies.

    I engage stakeholders at all levels, across multi-functional teams, in complex organisational structures, often during periods of flux and understand how the digital and social media transformation process impacts a business and its people.

  • Tim Geurtjens
    Co-founder & CTO, MX3D

    After a study mechanical engineering, Tim Geurtjens (1976) attended the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003 where he graduated 4 years later. He has been working as technical director for Joris Laarman Lab, best known for its experimental designs inspired by upcoming technology. Over the last 6 years he developed extensive knowledge of exotic materials and cutting edge technologies, specifically novel digital fabrication methods. The critically acclaimed work of Joris Laarman Lab has been added to the permanent collections of many renowned international museums like the MoMA New York, V&A in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Tim is co-founder of ARTISTPROOF, a company for the production of experimental high-end art and design pieces that is situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Mark Jackman
    Regional President Chassis Systems Control, Bosch

    Mark has worked in the automotive industry for almost 25 years the last 17 of those years, at Robert Bosch.

    Mark spent 4 years in Germany at Bosch’s Stuttgart HQ of the vehicle safety systems division. This is where he first became involved in life-saving vehicle technologies such as Electronic Stability Control or ESC.

    For the last 15 years in conjunction with his role as head of the Australian Chassis Systems Vehicle Safety Division, Mark has been involved in the international campaign to raise awareness of vehicle stability control, Auto Emergency Braking and other vehicle safety systems.

    For more than 25 years Bosch Australia has been the sole supplier of ABS and ESC to Australian engineered cars. Supporting both the emerging markets in Asia and the advanced development work in Europe and North America Mark’s team has made a name for themselves as the go to people for difficult projects in advanced safety technologies. In the last 5 years with the looming ramp down of the local vehicle manufacturing industry, Mark has diversified his team’s portfolio to include new areas of safety and connectivity systems including autonomous and connected functions on cars, rail and even in agriculture projects.

    Mark is a board member of ITS Australia with experience advising agencies at all levels of government both here and overseas. Mark and his team of engineering experts have a passion for promoting the benefits of vehicle safety technologies to legislators, law enforcement, training institutions, fleet operators and community groups.

    At the ITS World Congress in October 2016 Mark’s team designed, built and demonstrated an automated Tesla which drove around the Formula1 GP track in Albert Park Melbourne.

  • Ryszard Kowalczyk
    Intelligent Agents Technology Group, School of Software and Electrical Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology

    Prof. Ryszard Kowalczyk is Full Professor of Intelligent Systems, and Head of the Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT) and Smart Energy Management (EMRC) research in the School of Software and Electrical Engineering (SSEE), Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology (FSET), Swinburne University of Technology. He has over 20 years of combined academic and industrial R&D experience in Intelligent Systems and their applications in a wide range of complex real-world problems.

  • Ed McManus
    Chief Executive Officer , Powershop

    Ed became the Chief Executive Officer of Powershop Australia in January 2016.

    Beginning his career as a medical research scientist, Ed followed a commercial path and spent several years working for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, GlaxoSmithKline, where he headed up its respiratory business. This was followed by a move into the media industry, working for in roles across sales and marketing, operations, and pricing strategy.

    In 2014, Ed made the decision to do something that would positively impact the future of his children’s lives and sought out an opportunity in the renewable energy space. This led to his leap to Powershop, ranked by Greenpeace as Australia’s greenest energy company (2014 & 2015), where he joined as General Manager.

    In his role as Powershop CEO, Ed is driving a unique service that gives customers transparency and control like they’ve never had before over a key part of their household budget – their energy bill. With a strong and growing customer base, Powershop powers more than 70,000 households and businesses from across Victoria and New South Wales.

    Ed is excited by the challenge of trying to make a connection with customers in an industry where trust is currently low. But it’s also the idea of being a part of a business that strives to have a positive impact on the future of the planet that pushes him daily.

    Ed holds a Bachelor of Science from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Dundee. Born in Dublin, Ireland, Ed now calls Australia home and lives in Melbourne with his wife and two daughters.

  • Jonathan Robinson
    Principal Data Scientist, Suncorp Group

    PhD in engineering - thesis in machine learning (support vector machines). MSc in physics.

    Working in data science and 'Big Data' in financial services, applying machine learning to large datasets for propensity modelling, predictive analytics, clustering, etc. Using the Hadoop ecosystem, developing Spark applications in Scala. Analysis and visualisation in Python and R.

    Experience researching and developing algorithmic trading systems for high frequency FX and futures markets using machine learning/pattern recognition. Experience in High performance computing (condor cluster), particularly genetic algorithms.

    Author of DeepThought, machine learning software for traders -

    Software development management experience leading teams of developers.

  • Stephen Samild
    Manager Analytics and Business Insights, Copyright Agency

    I specialise in building and managing analytic teams that deliver across the full data-driven spectrum, from executive decision support through to productionised decision automation.

  • Jacyl Shaw
    Director - Engagement, The Carlton Connect Initiative, University of Melbourne

    Carlton Connect is an ambitious strategy to unite talented people who share a desire to tackle some of the biggest sustainability and social resilience challenges and a passion for designing new ideas and technologies to help secure Australia's prosperity.

    My role is to foster the culture of this developing innovation district (located on the edge of the University of Melbourne within the former Royal Womens' Hospital site) and engage current and prospective partners- industry, community, government and academia- through innovation driven partnerships focused on solving sustainability and social resilience issues at the local, national and global levels.

  • John Zakos
    Program Director and Manager, Virtual Agents – IBM Professor

    A technologist with an entrepreneurial drive, John’s career contributions range from research through to strategic business development, leading the commercialization of emerging technologies in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

    Co-founding Cognea in 2005, the company became recognized as a world leader in delivering virtual human solutions before being acquired by IBM in 2014.

    Holding a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Dr Zakos has spent his entire career developing “thinking” machines. Currently, he is part of the IBM Watson team that is leading the innovation of the company’s cognitive computing platform.

    John thrives on seeing new ideas in the research lab, make it into the “real world” as main stream applications that have a lasting, positive impact on society.

    Wholeheartedly, he agrees with Einstein that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge”.